Fresh Preserved Vegetables


Onions is one of the major fresh vegetables cultivated and exported from India. India usually has three seasons for this crop namely Kharif, late Kharif & Summer and produces around 90 Lakh Tonnes every year. India stands only next to Netherlands, in exports of fresh Onion contributing a huge share to the world export market. Onion exporters finds it more viable to export their quality, fresh produce to the world than selling it in the local market, as they are able to see better returns for their elite quality.


Cauliflower is one of the important winter crops produced in the country with bulk of its production coming from the Northern region of India. Introduction of Hybrid seeds & drill irrigation coupled with modern techniques has significantly increased India's yield per hectare. With China being the dominant player in the global cauliflower market, India has emerged as a potential re- export market having Europe as a major consumer in the global market. The real rise and development in the life of exporters have been an eye opener for the world market to stand and look up to.


It's a winter crop, which is a rich source of nutrition & energy all across the world. India has gained a huge ground in the production of potatoes, with majority of its production coming from the Northern region of the country namely Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal. Use of certified seeds & raise of soil with good aeration & water penetration have only increased the yield significantly and provided the impetus for exporters to look India as a strong export market.


It's a Biennial plant, which is grown extensively in the various parts of India and primarily used for cooking and several other purposes. Though India only stands 14 in the production of carrots worldwide, Northern region of India known for its rare pink colored carrots fosters a huge demand worldwide and has quietly opened up the doors for the exporters in the country. With China being the frontrunners in the production of carrots, India is also a potential re – export market to harvest on.