Cardamom popularly known as the 'queen of aromatic spices' is primarily used for flavoring & medicinal purposes. Suited to the conditions of high heat & humidity, India has a huge advantage in the production of Cardamom. Today, India is the second largest producer & exporter of cardamom, exporting over half of its production in the country, to more than 60 countries, where Kerala, Tamilnadu & Karnataka forms the major chunk of the exports.

Black Pepper

Black pepper popularly known as 'King of Spices' is one of the principal cash- rich crops produced and exported from India. Having earned the distinction of being the second largest exporter of Black Pepper, India exports to over 80 different countries in the global market and has turned into a brand to reckon with. Production of Black Pepper is concentrated largely in Southern parts of India and no wonder, major chunk of exporters happen to come from this region.

Cummins Seeds

Cummins are the seasonal crops, whose seeds are popular for its distinctive flavor. It generally grows in the hot climatic condition of the country and India is the largest producer & exporter of Cummins seeds. Indian's Cummins seeds are consumed globally by countries like U.S.A, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil etc., largely to fulfill its needs for its F & B industry. Though India faces a stiff competition from other countries like Iran & Turkey, Indian exporters continue to call the shots with their quality & flavor.

Red Chillies

It's one of the important spice varieties produced in India and grown extensively on the regions with moderate temperature & rainfall. Though India consumes major production of chilly, exports of Chilly have only flourished off late largely to do with the demand in the countries like Srilanka, USA & Russia. With Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu emerging as a key producers in the country, Indian exporters have started to gain a considerable hold of trust with its quality & timely service.


A native of tropical lands of South East Asia, it's a vital condiment and used extensively in manufacturing dyes & medicinal purpose. States like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are the chief exporters of Turmeric in India, exporting to countries like USA, Russia, Japan, SriLanka & Singapore. Advent of Green revolution and improved irrigation facilities have only given the edge for the Indian exporters to cut above the rest.


Ginger is one of the popular Oriental spice, which is grown extensively in India and widely used for it's culinary and medicinal benefits. India produces around 30 % of world's ginger production and is one of the major exporters of Ginger to countries including USA, Bangladesh, Spain etc., Tamil Nadu enjoys the greatest yield per hectare, while the other states like Gujarat, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim also thrive in exports of Ginger. With the introduction of HYV seeds & smart cultivation practices, India has the potential to be the leading exporter in the world.