Dry Fruits


Popularly known as a' Luxury' nut, Almonds are grown extensively in the Kashmir Valley and Himachal Pradesh and has made a name for its sweet taste and premium quality. India has grown considerably in the production of Almonds and today exporters are looking it as the potential avenue for export and re- export market owing to its strategic proximity to China, another chief procurer and exporter of Almond.

Cashew Nuts

Extensively used as an edible dry fruit, cashew is used for other benefits like making Paints, Varnishes, Syrups, Jams, and Squash & Wine. India is the major producer of Cashews, where they tend to meet more than ninety percent of world demand for Cashew nuts. Southern part of India contributes to the major share of its production, where the climatic conditions & rainfall distribution have given the boost to produce quality nuts in competitive prices and the results speak for themselves, as we can witness a real rise of exporters in and around the region.


Being the eight major producer of Walnut, India has emerged as a major avenue for the Walnut exporters. Walnuts are grown extensively in the temperate regions of the country primarily in the Kashmir Valley, Himachal Pradesh & Kumaon- Garwal region of Uttranchal. With China being the major producer of Walnuts and Asia nurturing few of the most productive walnut farms, now exporters see India as a real re- export market to thrive on.


Figs are the Mediterranean fruits, which are found extensively in Northern part of India. Rich in nutrients, it's described as a diet fruit which produces two crops for a year. Climatic conditions and favorable soil conditions have aided largely in the production of figs in the country; with Pakistan, Iran & Mediterranean belt being the major producers of this fruit, India has also grown into a potential re- export market for the exporters to move to greater heights.


Dates are cultivated in the semi- arid regions of India, exclusively on the dessert regions and are rated highly as a high value confectionery and fruit crop. Though cultivated in moderate basis, Indian dates are known for its silken smooth touch and the delicate finish. With major production coming from Middle East Asia countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia & Iraq, Indian exporters have gone on to become one of the chief exporters of dates, thanks to re- export market and timely value- added service.