Non Basmati Rice

All rice varieties other than Basmati rice are classified under non- basmati Rice and it comes under several varied forms and types. Being the second largest producer of rice, India has gone to become one of the key exporters of non- Basmati rice. With the advent of Green revolution and High Yielding variety (HYV) seeds, India has only increased its yield per hectare, which has given a high cost advantage in the global market for exports.

Basmati Rice

It's one of the popular rice categories, which boasts of a great demand in the global market. With climatic conditions and soil to our advantage, India is one of the chief exporters of Basmati Rice. Known for its key traits like aroma & elongation of the rice post cooking, Basmati rice continues to reign supreme both in terms of quality & price, amidst thousands of other varieties of rice in the market.


Wheat is the staple food for the whole of North India and is cultivated extensively in the alluvial rich lands of India. Being the fourth largest Producer of Wheat, India has become highly self- sufficient, that it has started to thrive on the exports of Wheat, a real transformation from the days where it used to import Wheat. Development of technology & new variety of seeds has only given the much needed impetus for the Indian Wheat exporters to reach higher horizons.